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COMPLETE! National TOC Championships (June 6-7th)

The National TOC Championships (Semifinals and Finals) took place over 2 days at OPEN 24. After it was all said and done, only one player could emerge with the big check, the plaque, AND the $10,000 Major Event package.

That player was Jim "Mr. Action" McKnight from New York, who catapulted his way through a tough final table and 366 players in the Finals to become the new National TOC Champion.

Jim was nearly eliminated with just a few players remaining in the tournament. But timely plays put "Mr. Action" back into the fold and in position to claim the title.

John Sawyer (NC, 2nd place) and Andrew Staub (PA, 3rd place) gave Jim a run for his money and took top 3 finishes in the event. Here are the full results - congrats to all of the winners!

#1: Jim McKnight, NY

#2: John Sawyer, NC

#3: Andrew Staub, PA

#4: Cliff Schirico, PA

#5: Jesse Colley, VA

#6: Shawn Cousins, PA

#7: Larry Roane, NC

#8: Michael Milewski, NC

#9: John Schondek, NJ

#10: Gino Venditto, IN

#11: Michael Gorse, NY

#12: Breck Schwartz, WI

#13: Michael Robinson, VA

#14: Carol Willard, NJ

#15: Jim Hilton, NC

#16: Salvatore Zuarino, NJ



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