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Next Week is TD Appreciation Week!

July 9th, 2024

Happy Tuesday again all!


Can you believe the current season is almost over already? Well, next week is the final week of the Regular Season, and as such, it’s also our TD Appreciation Week all across the league!


TDs are the backbone of our league! They work hard each and every week to run WTP games for all of you, all year long.


Please be sure to stop a TD next week (Mon, July 15 thru Sun, July 21) and offer your appreciation for what they do. Offer to buy them a drink, a meal, or even join with other players and go in on a 3-month PRO package for WTP Online!


Details and more are here:


On behalf of everyone at World Tavern Poker, we say a huge THANK YOU to Tournament Directors all over the country. Thank you for everything you do, and have a GREAT week next week.





The Team at World Tavern Poker



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