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OPEN 30, Day 1: Bad Beat Booty Bounty Results! (11/4)

November 4, 2023

The Bad Beat Booty Bounty Tournament took place Saturday, November 4th, with 230 players competing for big money and hilarious bounties (and some BIG ones!) at OPEN 30.

Just before Daylight Savings Time caused a time vortex where 1:00am comes twice in the same night, it was DAVID SIMMONS who stood tall with the most chips once play hit the money (this is a Survivor format - 24 palyers earned equal payouts). Awesome job David!

Here's the Top 24 who all got nice payouts!

Here are the full results:

1. David Simmons

2. Russell Rink

3. Michael DiPietro

4. Cheri DiPietro

5. Richard White

6. Mark Mendola

7. Craig Fox

8. Jeannette Bloedorn

9. Lila James

10. Kevin Scott

11. Gary Ludwigsen

12. Chris Hebert

13. Janet Indermuehle

14. Bradley McCormick

15. Brian Bilyea

16. Ian Harris

17. Doris Davis

18. Daniel Hignight

19. Perri Sanchez

20. James Wang

21. Rodney Lamontagne

22. Thorsten Peters

23. Ken Paulos

24. Russell Picerno



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