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OPEN 30, Day 2: National TOC Finals Results! (11/5)

November 5, 2023

There are championship wins, and then there are CHAMPIONSHIP WINS. This one certainly belongs in the memory banks of OPEN lore - a championship victory for the ages!

After a lengthy and spirited battle among contenders at the final table, it eventually came down to two players, and one decision. In what must have seemed like an eternity and an instant all at once, a call was made and a new National TOC Champion was crowned!

ORIN WILLIAMS from Maryland bested a field of 284 players to become a WTP National TOC Champion, earning himself a $10,000 Main Event package and a place in the World Tavern Poker Hall of Fame. Not only did he earn all of the above, but he also earned a spot in people's memories for a long time with one of the most organic and AWESOME celebrations you'll ever see!

Congrats also goes out to CURTIS JONES from North Carolina, who finished in 2nd place and gave Orin a true run for his money all the way until the end. CHRIS RUDOLF from Pennsylvania took 3rd place, while PAUL GODWIN from Maryland earned 4th place.

Check out the full results from The PIT (the final 23 players) below. The Top 8 all earned the prizes denoted here:

1. Orin Williams - MD ($10,000 Main Event Package)

2. Curtis Jones - NC ($2,000 Major Event Package)

3. Chris Rudolf - PA ($1,250 Major Event Package)

4. Paul Godwin - MD ($1,000 Major Event Package)

5. Memo Cardona - NJ ($750 Major Event Package)

6. Samantha Avnet - VA ($500 Major Event Package)

7. Katrina Scanlon-Ludwigsen - NY ($500 Major Event Package)

8. Ed Mosquera - NC ($500 Major Event Package)

9. David Hughes - PA

10. Ken Paulos - NM

11. Rod Sams - MD

12. Andy Brunk - TN

13. John Sawyer - NC

14. Jeff Harris - VA

15. Chriss Ryherd - AK

16. Todd Nasby - NC

17. Sue Beaudrow - NJ

18. Greg Solano - NM

19. Marion Silcott - AK

20. Rick Day - NC

21. Derrick Morton - NC

22. Tim Weisenberger - MI

23. David Maroney - MD



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