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OPEN 30, Day 3: All In Or Fold Tournament Results! (11/6)

November 6, 2023

The always crazy and quick All In Or Fold tournament took place on Monday, November 6th and finished well into Tuesday, with an incredible 180 players competing here at OPEN 30.

It was BRAD McCORMICK emerging victorious, lasting all the way to heads up before deciding on a chop with Gloria Ramaley. Way to go both of you!

Here are the full results:

1. Brad McCormick

2. Gloria Ramaley

3. Mary Bujnowski

4. Michael Golson

5. Dawna Ford

6. Judy Ratcliffe

7. Robert Harper

8. Vicki Halstead

9. Christopher Nunes

10. Rance Strausbaugh

11. George Albaugh

12. Jan Zachary

13. Dawn Smith

14. Surafelt Jeldi

15. Darlene Keberle

16. Charles Bobinmyer

17. John Parks

18. Richard Wuest

19. Cherie Fox

20. Jesse Lawrence

21. James Aldrich

22. Patrick McGavisk

23. Andrew Miller

24. Michael Wilson


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