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OPEN 30, Day 5: Sin City Bounty Results! (11/8)

November 8, 2023

The final regular-style Bounty Tournament took place Wednesday, November 8th, with just under 150 players competing for $25 casino chips and some solid paydays at OPEN 30.

This time, it was MR. PHIL BRERETON who secured his second victory of OPEN 30 after a chop at the final table. Brilliant job Phil!

Here are the full results:

1. Philip Brereton

2. Flora Fawcett

3. Robert Marsman

4. Richard Stocker

5. Tim Lambiris

6. Guillermo Cardona

7. Sharon Travis

8. Joseph Whalen

9. Ross Kubeny

10. Hazel Lewis

11. Michael Castro

12. Lynne Simpson

13. Kevin Scott

14. Christy Anderson

15. Brian Hunt


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