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Take The Super Sunday Double Up CHALLENGE!

February 8, 2024

Happy Friday everyone!


We’ve got ourselves a special weekend promotion for WTP Online players – it’s the Super Sunday Double Up CHALLENGE!


Four (4) of the WTP Online events held this Sunday will each come with a special prize to the winner. BUT…if you want to risk a shot at DOUBLING your prize, read on for details!


Here’s how it works! Play in any of the following tournaments:


  • Sunday, Feb 11: 5:00pm Hannah’s

  • Sunday, Feb 11: 7:00pm Twisted River

  • Sunday, Feb 11: 9:30pm The Muck Rebuy

  • Sunday, Feb 11: 11:30pm Alligator Bar

Win any of those events and you’ve got yourself a $50 Gift Card.


But wait – THERE’S MORE!




  • If you win one of the above events but picked the LOSER of the BIG GAME, you get nothing! That is the “Challenge” part of this!

NOTE: You do not have to submit a form to earn a prize for winning one of those events listed above. If you win one of them but you didn’t submit a form, you’ll earn a $50 Gift Card.

BONUS! PROP BETS for the BIG GAME: Also included on the form are optional prop bets!


The player who picks the most correct from the 5 Prop Bets (w/total points tiebreaker) will receive a $25 Gift Card! You do not have to complete this section – but why not give it a shot? 😊

Want to take part, but you aren’t a WTP PRO yet? Become a PRO now and join us!






The Team at World Tavern Poker



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