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VIDEO: WTP Cards On Sale (Please Watch!)

April 14, 2023

Happy Friday everyone!

We have WTP playing cards back on sale on the WTP Swag Store! BUT PLEASE: watch the video below from Mike regarding discounted prices.

The cards do wear on the back edges after some use, but we've reordered new ones that should be arriving in a few months. So take advantage and save BIG!

DISCLAIMER: These cards are discounted due to the wearing of the ink on the card edges after several uses - you will likely need to lightly clean the front of the cards occasionally. We are getting NEW cards shipped soon, but for now, these cards are being offered as is - there are NO REFUNDS! Please be sure you understand this before purchasing!

10-pack Link: CLICK HERE

5-pack Link: CLICK HERE


Mike and the entire World Tavern Poker Team!



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