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WTP Online Holiday BASH: Weekend #1 Results!

December 26, 2023

What a great way to kick off the first of TWO WTP Online Holiday Bash Weekends!

Hundreds of players competed for increased Bankroll earnings, gift cards, and medallions all weekend long. By the end of the action, the best 8 players in our special and separate Top 20 rankings (see below for full info) had earned an impressive 90 combined Top 20's in three days!

Miss out this past weekend? We've got one more coming next weekend! Details are below - for now, here are your Top 8 winners from the first Holiday Bash weekend!


mafeon15 - Cin Bickel (177 pts) -- $100 Gift Card and WTP Online Medallion

2. Flyfisher - Michael McCormick (135 pts) -- $50 Gift Card and WTP Online Medallion

3. Donnello - Donnell Oliver (124 pts) -- $25 Gift Card and WTP Online Medallion

4. rgsay - Rance Strausbaugh (118 pts) -- WTP Online Medallion

5. Martease - Vaughn Thomas (116 pts) -- WTP Online Medallion

6. lumber557 - Don Guiton (115 pts) -- WTP Online Medallion

7. Cathy529 - Cathy Kubeny (109 pts) -- WTP Online Medallion

8. TwinkleToes - Tammy Cryder (107 pts) -- WTP Online Medallion

All of the above players have been emailed instructions on how to claim their prizes. Read below for details about next weekend's WTP Online action!



We've got one more HUGE Holiday BASH on WTP Online with more bankroll, points, and even Special Prizes available!


NEW YEAR'S Weekend Bash: Saturday, 12/30 thru Monday, 1/1


Each 3-day Holiday Bash Weekend will see a plethora of tournaments where players compete for special added prizes along with their usual points and Bankroll earnings. Select events indicated below also have ADDED BANKROLL for even more shots to win big!




New Year's Weekend Schedule – Sat 12/30 thru Mon 1/1:


8am – Weekend Warrior

10am – Weekend Warrior Speed Tournament

12pm – Noonerz (25,000 Bankroll added!)

2pm – Micro Turbo Challenge**

4pm - Day Drinkers

5:30pm – Hannah’s

7pm – Twisted River Deep Stack Bounty (50,000 Bankroll added!)

8pm – Micro Turbo Challenge**

9pm - The Muck Rebuy

11pm - Alligator – (25,000 Bankroll added!)

Mon 1/1 @ 12:05am - NEW YEAR'S EVE BLOWOUT (100,000 Bankroll added!)


**Micro Turbo Challenge: 50 Bankroll Chip cost; players start with 5,000 chips and blinds are 5 minutes!




Finish in the Top 20 of any game during a Holiday Bash Weekend and you'll earn separate points towards special prizes!


You’ll receive 1 point for 20th place, 2 points for 19th place…all the way up to 20 points for 1st place). We will have scoring updates posted after each day on the INFO website blog and the WTP Online Facebook group (click here).


1st in Points: $100 Amazon Gift Card + WTP Online Medallion

2nd in Points: $50 Amazon Gift Card + WTP Online Medallion

3rd in Points: $25 Amazon Gift Card + WTP Online Medallion

4th through 8th in Points: WTP Online Medallion


Have fun and HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone! 😊



The Team at World Tavern Poker



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