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WTP Online PokerMania is BACK Tonight! (Round of 16)

April 4, 2024

Happy Thursday everyone!


We have just 16 players remaining in the WTP Online PokerMania bracket series. These 16 will be competing TONIGHT in the 7pm ET Twisted River online tournament to see who will advance to the Round of 8.


Players that make it to the Round of 8 are guaranteed to earn at least a Poker-only Access Pass at OPEN 31 this November and a 20th Anniversary WTP t-shirt! The Round of 8 itself takes place in Saturday’s 7pm ET Twisted River online tournament – meaning after Saturday’s action, we’ll have our FINAL FOUR players!!!


Current WTP Online PokerMania Bracket:


You can check out previous WTP Blogs for more (including prizes) on the Online PokerMania bracket series.


Good SKILL to the final 16!



The Team at World Tavern Poker



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