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WTP Online’s “Tax-Free” 4-Day Weekend! (April 19-22)

April 10, 2024

Happy Wednesday everyone!


With the dreaded tax season in full swing, we wanted to give our WTP Online players a small “early rebate” on bankroll chips and more starting on Friday, April 19th. Read on for full details! 😊


Let’s face it – no one likes the tax man! So to give all WTP Online players a little bit of a tax break during the month of April, we’re offering up 4 days worth of weekend-style tournaments with a little twist from Friday, April 19th thru Monday, April 22nd.


#1: All tournament virtual buy-ins during this 4-day period will be 50% OFF in Bankroll chips to enter. That’s a nice little rebate with nearly 40 tournament virtual buy-ins being cut in half!


#2: All tournaments during this 4-day period will be open to ALL WTP Online players – free and Pro alike! If you’ve waited to join us on the Online felt, NOW is the time!


#3: These tournaments will still feature the usual minimum pools of Bankroll Chips available to the Top 20 finishers.


Free players: If you run out of chips during this time, consider going PRO! For just $25/month, WTP Pros have access to all WTP Online tournaments and start with a 20,000-chip bankroll every month.



Enjoy all!



The Team at World Tavern Poker


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