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$10,000 IS ON THE LINE!

Are you ready to Eat, Think, and Drink?


We are excited to host the 2018 WTT National Championships this September 23-24 at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey!


Read below for full information regarding schedules, full party details, and much more!


We have locked in a SPECIAL RATE of $89/night+tax at Resorts Casino, host site of the 2018 Trivia Nationals!


Just click the BOOK YOUR ROOM link below - nothing beats coming to Nationals and staying on the host property.


If you joined us last year, you know how wonderful Resorts Casino was: great hospitality and lots to do! Plus, you are right on the boardwalk and beach, so consider staying an extra day or two.

Be sure to check out the hype video for the 2018 National Championships to get excited for this AWESOME event.


You will NOT want to miss out!

Check It Out!

Sunday, September 23rd


1:00pm: Registration Begins!

3:00pm: Game 1 Begins

5:00pm: Teams Break (costume time!)

7:40pm: Teams Return to Ballroom

8:00pm: Amazing Trivia Race!

11:00pm: Answers @ Margaritaville (plus Karaoke and PARTY!)


Monday, September 24th


11:00am: Game 3 Begins

4:00pm: Game 4 Begins

8:00pm: PARTY at the Horizon Ballroom (buffet, cash bar, music, awards, and NEW National Champions!)

10:00pm: Afterparty at BarOne

$10,000 in prizes
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Each team is required to make a flag for their team at the National Championships - but it's a LOT of fun and we award prizes for the best ones! Click here for more info on Team Flags .


This year we're taking a JOURNEY THROUGH TIME with a Second Chance Prom Party!


Taking place on Monday, September 24th, the Second Chance Prom Party (just $30 for a Party ticket***) will feature hilarious games, plenty of great food and drink options, and of course - Bar Brains dressed to the nines in their best prom outfits!


Check out the photos below from our themed parties over the years.


***= Reserve a room at Resorts and you receive one (1) party ticket for each night! (max 2 party tickets per reservation)


Can we Substitute after the first game is over?

Yes, you can substitute after the first game if a team member has to leave. You can list 2 alternates on your roster who can fill in for a game. But once the game has started, that is your roster; this means you cannot use an alternate for only one round during the game.


How many players can be on a team?

1-6 players on the teams.


Can we purchase party tickets at the event?

Yes, we will be selling party tickets at registration for $30 apiece.


What are the guidelines on the team flags?

There are no rigid guidelines. Just be creative! Check out the examples in the Team Flag section above, and get more info on Team Flags by clicking here.


Can spectators come and watch?

Yes, anyone 21 years of age and older can come and watch. They will not be able to sit with the teams and they cannot use their cell phones. Spectators can form teams with alternates as well (for fun - will not count towards prizes).


Any exceptions if a team member is not 21 years of age?

No, this is a casino rule. You must be 21 years old to participate, as parts of the event take place on the casino floors, bars, and venues. 


What is the Amazing Trivia Pub Race? (ATPR)

A highlight of Nationals! The ATPR is the second game of four in the National Championship. During the ATPR, teams will move from bar to bar throughout the casino to get all 6 rounds of questions. It's always a blast!


Whom do I contact if I run into a problem?

Email us at

The winning team at this year's event will receive $5,000 in cash, tons of bragging rights, and the coveted title of World Tavern Trivia National Champions!


1st place -  $5,000

2nd Place - $2,000
3rd place -  $1,500 
4th place -  $1,000 
5th place -  $500


That means if 50 teams take part, you have a 1 in 10 chance to take home your share of the cash!


The World Tavern Trivia National Championships follow the same format and rules under which you play in the bar; with a few twists of course!


Your Team: Can be made up of 1 to 6 players. You can also list one alternate who can play if a team member cannot make one of the games.


Alternates: You can list 2 alternates who can play if a team member cannot make one of the games. These alternates must be listed on the team. If an alternate comes and is not playing on your team, we will set up teams of alternates so they too can take part in the fun. However, they cannot win any of the cash.


The Game: Each game will be made up of 6 rounds of 10 questions with the ability to double one of the rounds (4, 5 or 6) just like at the bar. BUT, Game 4 will be ALL DOUBLE POINTS (and yes, you can still double one of the rounds for more points).


The Questions: The questions are similar in difficulty to those you see regularly, with a few tougher ones thrown in. We also do our best to give a great balance between categories, with a few of the more popular categories getting a bit more attention.


The Theme: Many of our questions will follow the PROM theme, but that doesn't mean they are 'about' Prom's only. Think outside the box here! :)


Challenges: You will have up to 1 hour after each game to submit a challenge by texting the Question and your challenge to (number TBA). All challenges will be taken into consideration, but please don't grasp at straws.


Badges: Each team member will receive a badge at Registration with their team and player names. Please wear these at all times.


Have Fun: Most importantly is that the Championships are an absolute blast, whether you come in first or last! So crank up your bar brain and do not miss this awesome event!


A Kids Table

American League
At a Sloth Prom, Every Dance is a Slow Dance
Bagel Seeds
Bootleg Farmers
Chewbacca Defense
Czar at the Bar
Drunken Muppets

Flying Raccoons
I Quizzed In My Pants
I th0ught this was speed dating
It's So Fluffy
J is for Jenius

One Nite Stand

Pebble & Friends
Rande Jackie and friends
silver spoon
Simple Minds
So Fine Mulrine
Some Days Peanuts
Springfield Isotopes
Squirtle Squad
SS Minnow
Stir Crazy
That’s What She Said
The 69ers
The Blue Dolphins
The League of Extraordinary Drinkers
The North Remembers
The Pang Gang
Thots & Swines
Trivia crackheads
TW Winners

Unagi 2
Walla Walla Weasels
Where the fuck is teddy
Whisky Quizness
Who Dat?!?


3 Smarty Pints
4 chicks
4 Chics
7-10 Split
A A Ron
A Team Has No Name
Alex and Andy
Almost Famous
American League
And The Winner Is HBG
Av wildcats
Awh Yissss
Back door no baby
Bad Morals

Bagel Seeds
Banana Splits
Beer Makes You Smarter
Better Than BS
Bob Loblaw''s Law Blog
Bootleg Farmers
brady & boh associates
Brain Tumors
Brick by Brick
Bringin up the rear
Bushkill Bombers
Bushkill Boys
C How We Do
Camo Chaos
Can''t Think of Anything Clever
Carl''s good eye
Celtic cuties
Cheap Yellow Mustard
Chippy & turkey
Comfortably Dumb
Dad Goes Deep
Davey Dog
Deez Nutzz
Donald Trump''s Barber Shop
Dont Overthink Overdrink

Double D List

Double or Nothin
drinking team with a trivia pr
Dunkin''s Donuts
Flying Raccoons
Futer Fi
Girls night out 4
Gobias Industries
Grace Under Pressure (GUP)
Half Nelson
Here For The Beer
Hey Bear
Hopefully Not Last
Horney Toads
House Harkkonen
I Quizzed In My Pants
I swear i am not really that d
I th0ught this was speed dating
Idk of nj
I''m not crazy my mother had me tested
irish krauts
Issa Snack
Its so Fluffy
J is for Jenius
Jam Session
jamies players
Jean-Claude''s Damn Van
Jew Power
just jeff
Kahuna Kong
Kathy HBG
Kids Table
Last place last week
Late Plus 2
Laurens Family
League of extraordinary drinkers
Let''s Skip Math
Liberty Nads
Little Lebowski Underachievers
Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

Major munch
Make Trivia Great Again (MTGA)
Marco M
Mean Gene Oaklanders
Meaty Science Teachers
Middle Aged White Men
Mighty Craic
Mike Oxbig
Morristown Squirts Club
N. B. Forrest
New Hampshire Certain
Night in the Ruts
No Shit Sherlocks
Not Too Shabby
Nottawa Nitwits
Nottawa Nitwits 2.0
Nova B
Off Regularly
Oh no we suck again
One Eyed Jacks
One More Round
one nite stand
One Way Ticket to Pound Town
PCs Posse
Pebble & Friends
pellston three stooges
Penguin Plunge
Penguin Plungers
Poop Dollar
Prairie River Pirates
Questionable Activities
Quiz In My Pants-
R & M
Raucous Haus
Raven Trio
Reptars Revenge
S*ck it Trebek
S.S. Minnow
Schmeat Eaters
Scientific Mericans
She & Him
Shit Show

Sloth Prom
Slow Pokes
Snippity Snaps

Snoochie Boochie

So Fine Mulrine

Some Days Peanuts
Space Pants
Spilt Milt
Springfield Isotopes
Squirrel Heart Attack
Squirtle Squad
Stuffy Millenials
Suck it, Trebek!
Surviving Second
Team Bob
Team Rookies
thats not how any of this work
The 69ers
The Blue Dophins
The Blue Shells
The Broom Weeds
The Bumpus Hounds
The Chewbacca Defense
the einsteins
The Executive Decision
The farm team
The Horny Unicorns
The Masked Debaters
The Needy Bitches
The Nibblonian Revolution
The North Remembers
The Pang Gang
The Patriots
The real berkley brothers
The Tailwaggers
They who must not be named
Think we know it all
This Is Us
Thots & Swines
Threat Level Midday
Three''s Company
Trivia go
Tyrant of Beers
Uncle Petes Gang
Uncle Pete''s Gang
Walla Walla Weasels
We are just here for the beer
We Love Tiff
What Would Ja Rule Do?
What''s On Draft?
Where the Fuck is Teddy
Where''s Fieldsy
Whisky Quizness
White Rabbits
Who Dat?!?
Wooddale Wieners
Worldwide Wombats

Qualified Teams
Team Flags (more)

Each team is required to make a flag for their team at the 2018 World Tavern Trivia National Championships. But don’t look at it like a chore on the to-do list – make this a fun, exciting occasion by using your imagination and getting as creative as possible!


This started years ago as a small way to show team unity, and it has evolved into one of the most fun and integral parts of the National Championships.


Each team can make their flag and bring it with them to Nationals, or, they can make it on-site with their own materials or those provided by World Tavern Trivia.


You can even parade into registration with your flag raised and team in tow!


During the event, we will do a “Best Flag” promotion that is very similar to the Best Costume contest. All teams who have flags will be put in front of the audience of WTT National goers, and whoever receives the biggest applause is the winner!



Use your imagination – let that be your only boundary! You can make a traditional looking flag with your own color scheme added, or start from scratch and customize your flag to suit your team’s mentality. It doesn’t have to be an actual ‘flag’ either.


Some teams have even made flags complete with lights, moving parts, fans, and more! Some are hand-sewn, while some are patched and pasted together using only basic materials. There’s no wrong way to do it.


There’s also no limit to how creative you can get. March into the National Championships with a flag made with pride!

Team Flags More
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