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COMPLETE! International Tag Team Survivor (Nov 5th)

The first ever International Tag Team Survivor Tournament took place on Sunday at the 2017 World League Poker Championships. Always a favorite format at our events, we changed it up this year so that all teams got paid equally when play got to the money.

After several hours of hilarious action, 21 teams (42 players) reached the money from a field of over 280 players. The chip leaders at the end was Team Finley, earning the plaques for their effort. Great job to everyone!

Here are the full results - the players below signed out for their team's prize money:

1. Patrick Finley x Darla Wright x Cheryl Snedden x Kimberly Mercer x Michael Gallegos x Chris Rhew x Philip Brereton x Nancy Blackall x Elizabeth Veregge x Jordan Miller x Joe Silva x Gwen Pranis x Mark Haney x Rosemary Wong x Matt Cowan x Sheryl Dorsey x Kathy Schimmel x Romon Acosta x Louise Naples x Roberick Daniels x Aaron McEvoy

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