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COMPLETE! WTP National TOC Finals (Nov 5th)

The World Tavern Poker Season 1 2017 National TOC Finals took place at the World League Poker Championships with 253 players competing for the BIG prize: a $10,000 Major Event seat!

After it was all said and done, it was JOHN HOETJES from Connecticut who emerged with the victory, besting a game Ray Wolf in heads up action to secure the trophy, the check, and of course...the $10,000 Major Event seat.

Here are the final table results - congrats everyone!

1. John Hoetjes, CT 2. Ray Wolf, NM 3. Danielle Logan, NC 4. Michael Cassa, NY 5. Etan Pavlick, MI 6. Ronald Wood, MI 7. Aaron McEvoy, NM 8. Joe Ray Sundoval, NM

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