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The Triple Crown Championship Field Is Set!

September 6, 2023

Happy Wednesday everyone!

With this past holiday weekend’s final Triple Crown days behind us, we now have our full field of competitors for the Triple Crown Championship, to be played online on Sunday, September 24th at 5pm ET!

All 169 qualified players have a “TripleCrown” ticket in their WTP Online accounts and will be competing for 24 prize bundles, each with three seats to Championship events (Nat Champ, Nat TOC, and Final 64 Champ) at OPEN 30 in Las Vegas this November!

Check out the full field at this link:

Speaking of this past weekend, several dozen players earned Triple Crown medallions and their spot in the Championship on Sept. 24th; some earned more than one! A massive congrats to Luke Hurley (BigChief), Greg Bender (Cuser), and David Maroney (LittleD) for earning four (4) Triple Crown medallions this past weekend – well done all!

Special shoutout to Carole Word (CaroleW), Rance Strausbaugh (rgsay), and Mary Beth (Tupelohoney) on each earning three (3) medallions, while several others earned two. Here is the full list of winners from the holiday weekend – awesome job all!

Rob Bates - Acesnutz

Alfie - alfs0128

Anne Totaro - americanpye5

Andy Brunk - ATBrunk

Luke Hurley - BigChief

Collin Hurley - BigDogC

Jason Jones - Bigshow5454

Jeff Hunt - Bird33

Brian Krywko - BKrywko

Tom Owens - Buckeyetom

Carlos Azcarate - carlosazca

Carole Word - CaroleW

Chris Dudley - cdudley28

Charles Rigsbee - Charles1997

David Parks - chromeguy

Arthur Fretwell - Computerguys

Rick Alexander - cosmo2112

Chris Cronin - crowflies

Domenick Fama - crsdom

Greg Bender - Cuser

Donnell Oliver - Donnello

Ellen Stucker - EJS100

Alexander Spurdens - EldenWolf79

Gary Dechape - Gwd49749

Jake Hurley - Jahurley

Jane Goshey - janesigns

Rosemarie Servillo - JAZZ

Tracy Peters - Jem032053

John Sams - JKSAMS

Jackie Winter - Jpoker17

MarkBorch Jensen - Kiafa

Kirk Glimp - kirkglimp1

Susan Kinsinger - LetsDance

Lisa McCabe - LisaMc

David Maroney - LittleD

Max Dieber - MadMax33

Michael Gorse - MGorse

Michele McBride-Helms - Michele52

Rich Millar - millarr

Ken Paulos - NMplayer

Phil Smith - PANFAN

Robert Gilbert - parlayguy

Mark Lovern - playthaflop1

Roberta Roberts - Pokerlady43

Rance Strausbaugh - rgsay

Reggie Johnson - rtjohn63

Bryan Boyd - Sammyb

Sandra Walker - Sandy

Roger Cox - Supercox

Tina Calabro - tcalabro

Bill Kunz - TheButcher

Dave George - THUNDER1890

Thomas Mann - tpm81

Tracy McCormick - Tracy

Mary Beth - Tupelohoney

Eric Hunter - Ugabu11dawgs

Vic Culp - viculp

Sandra Sturdavant - Wildcard

Ray Wise - wiseguy1

We hope you all have a great rest of your week!

The Team at World Tavern Poker



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