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PokerMania Bracket Challenge Is Back!

June 12, 2024

WTP Online players – it’s time to bring back our WTP Online Bracket Tournament for the summer!


Taking place from June 17th through July 20th, PokerMania is a multi-week promotion of head-to-head (not heads up) competition between players on WTP Online.


Read on for ALL the details on this awesome Online event!

What Is PokerMania?

Just like the PokerMania Online Series from this past Spring, participating players will be matched against each other for a one-on-one last player standing – with the winners moving on to the next round.

From Monday, June 17th to Sunday, June 23rd, WTP Online players can claim one of 256 spots in our PokerMania bracket. WTP Pro players will have a great advantage by having many more opportunities to qualify – so if you’re a Free player, click here to consider upgrading right now!

Players can qualify by finishing in the Top 8 of the following “PLAY-IN” events:

  • PROS: All scheduled events from Monday, June 17 through Sunday, June 23

  • Free Players: 3pm Day Drinkers event from June 17 through 19 ONLY (Mon thru Wed)

On Monday, June 24th, all of the above Top 8 finishers will be set in a 256-player field with a random draw**. Just like the NCAA tournament, players will be pitted against each other in "one-on-one matchups" to advance to the next round (to 128 players, then 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, and 2).

**IF WE HAVE LESS THAN 256 PLAYERS: First-round “byes” will happen based on the players who earn the most qualifications during the PLAY-IN events. Again, another reason to GO PRO!

While free WTP Online players have three shots to qualify, WTP Pros will have more than 50! Click here to upgrade to PRO for the best chance to win!

PokerMania Prizes

All players that reach the Field of 64 will all receive 20th Anniversary WTP medallions. More prizes will be awarded for the following achievements:

  • Field of 8: Poker-only Access Pass to OPEN 31 qualifications to the National Champ & TOC Semifinals

  • Field of 4: Party & Poker Access Pass to OPEN 31 quals to the National Champ & TOC Semifinals

  • CHAMPION: 3 Nights Hotel and Two (2) Party & Poker Access Passes to OPEN 31, plus seats to the National Championship & TOC FINALS!

Here’s How It Works

Once the field is set, players will have specific dates during select Twisted River 7pm ET games they must compete in if they wish to advance:

Field of 256: Thursday, June 27th

Field of 128: Saturday, June 29th

Field of 64: Monday, July 1st

Field of 32: Monday, July 8th

Field of 16: Thursday, July 11th

Field of 8: Saturday, July 13th

Field of 4: Thursday, July 18th

Field of 2: Saturday, July 20th

How to advance: You must simply last longer than your opponent in the above events. For example, let’s say Steve and Trish are in a matchup in the Field of 256 game. If Steve goes out in 60th place and Trish goes out in 45th place, Trish wins and advances in the bracket.

No-shows: If a player no-shows/doesn't play in one of the above events, their opponent wins and advances in the bracket. If neither player in a matchup shows up, neither advance, and the next player in the bracket will be advanced to the next matchup.


All of the above tournaments are regular tournaments that any WTP Pro can play. If you're not in the Field of 256, you can still participate in the above tournaments as you would normally.

Key Notes

  • The entire PokerMania Series will last through July 20th.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Any player caught trying to collude with another will receive an automatic ban from WTP Online. This is designed to be fun – let’s not ruin it!


NOTE: All the rules are listed above. If you contact us with any questions, we will only refer you back to this page. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if a player does not show up or play?


They forfeit their Matchup and the other player who did play will advance.

What if someone sits out for long periods of time to try to “game” the system?


Let’s use some common sense here. While sitting out is never a valid strategy in trying to win a game, some may think it’s wise to simply sit out and wait out your opponent so you can advance. If a player is repeatedly doing this on purpose, they will be removed from the bracket and their opponent will advance. Use the WTP Help Center (click here) to report any egregious instances of players sitting out (do not contact us if a player gets disconnected or sits out on occasion).

What if both players in a Matchup go out at the same time?


However the Online system scores the elimination is how we will determine who advances. So if two players in a Matchup go out at basically the same time, whichever player gets the better finishing position will advance.

If I am a free player and qualify for the Bracket, will I be able to play in the select 7pm games?


Yes, you will be able to enter any Bracket game you are qualified for or advance to. You will not have access to any other Pro event, though.


Does this qualify us for a seat into Nationals?


Yes! We’ve listened to your feedback and our Final 8 players will all earn seats to the National Championship Semifinals AND the National TOC Semifinals at OPEN 31 this November. The PokerMania Champion will earn seats to the National Championship and National TOC FINALS at OPEN 31!

Where and when will brackets be updated?


Generally the day after the previous event – though on weekends this may be delayed. Please be patient with us during off-hour times. All updates will be posted to our INFO website blog, our WTP Facebook page, and/or the Official WTP Online Facebook group.



Where do we see the brackets?

Replying to

This week is to qualify - next week is bracket announcements. It's all covered in the article above. :)

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